Jianzhi Malleable Iron Fittings Advantages

  • High Mechanical Properties 

No. KTH330-08 malleable cast iron is adopted as raw material, the tensile strength is 10% higher than the Chinese and International standards requirement, Elongation is 33% higher than the Chinese and International standards requirement. 

  • Good Air Tightness

We increase the pneumatic pressure in leak tightness test to above 0.6MPA , 20% higher than Chinese and International Standards.

  • Accurate thread

The JIANZHI pipe fitting thread accuracy is higher than Chinese and International standards requirement .

  • Strictly Controlled Alignment of Thread

Jianzhi applies stricter requirements on thread axes angle than Chinese and International standards requirement.

  • Good Appearance Quality
  • Strict Inspection Procedures

The fittings are strictly inspected after each production procedure.

  • Low Installation Cost

Reasonable pipe thread length, high accuracy thread axes angle enables easy installation, saving time and effort, significantly reducing installation cost

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